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The collection

Designer Bags

The designer bags in the collection
  • Patent leather shoulder bag, Alexander McQueen, England, 2008

    Known for his superb craftsmanship and chic, street fusion designs, Alexander McQueen contrasts feminine versus masculine, gentleness versus power, and tradition versus innovation.

  • Patchwork shoulder bag, Limited edition, Louis Vuitton, France, 2002

    This bag belongs to a special Vuitton bag collection decorated with leather patchwork which combined the talents of Marc Jacob and Julie Verhoeven, an artist/illustrator.  

  • Leather handbag, "Kelly", Hermès, France, 1990-2000

    Made famous by the Oscar-winning actress and Princess of Monaco, Grace Kelly, who began carrying a similar bag during her engagement to the Prince of Monaco in 1956. Today, this bag remains one of the brand’s most iconic pieces and can be found in various colours and versions.

  • Handbag, "Beaton", Burberry, England, 2007

    The English brand Burberry used the now-famous check pattern for the first time in 1924. In 1967, Burberry also started applying the pattern – which is now registered as their trademark – to their other products such as bags and shoes. 

  • Canvas handbag, "Bouvier", Gucci, Italy, 2006

    Former U.S. First Lady (1961-1963) Jacqueline Lee Bouvier Kennedy—a 20th-century icon—carried a similar, name-sake Gucci bag. Even now, Jackie Kennedy continues as the epitome of elegance, chic, and grace.

  • Leather shoulder bag, "2.55", Chanel, France, 1970-1980

    Coco Chanel introduced the 2.55 bag in February 1955, thereby inspiring the name. Today, this bag is one of most iconic pieces in the field of bags and is available in assorted versions and colours.

  • Bag made from straw and python skin, "B bag", Fendi, Italy, 2006

    Toward the end of the 20th century, brand names became a fashion phenomenon changing with the seasons. For major brands, their bags had to be the it-bag; the most desired status symbol. The renowned Baguette dating from 1998 put Fendi on the map. And in 2005, the ''B bag'' was added to their fame.

  • Silk bag, "Saddle" adorned with coins, Dior, France, 2004

    Together with the Lady Dior bag, the Saddle bag designed in 1999 by John Galliano is part of the Dior collection it-bags appearing in many variations during its ten-year history.

  • Metal clutch, "Knots", Bottega Veneta, Italy, 2007

    Founded in 1966, Bottega Veneta is best known for its superb, luxurious woven leatherwork. To increase its market share, this limited-edition clutch, adorned with enamel and silver elements was introduced.

  • Leather handbag, "Fairy", Prada, Italy, 2008

    James Jean, the multi-faceted designer, comic strip artist, and Prada promotional filmmaker created a collection of Fairy-print clothing, bags, and shoes much in demand in 2008.

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The collection

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