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The collection

Contemporary designers

Contemporary designers
  • Handbag made from old postcards, Georgette Koning, Netherlands, 2007

    Georgette Koning made this bag on the occasion of the opening of the Museum of Bags and Purses at the new location in Amsterdam. The old postcards are of Amsterdam. In the middle you can see the Amsterdam coat of arms, with the three crosses of St. Andrew.   

  • Patent leather clutch, Lulu Guinness, England, 2009

    The bags of Lulu Guinness are characterised by their craftsmanship and quality. English humour is also part of her style. She makes bags from fabric or leather in unusual forms, with striking adornments such as this London taxi clutch. 

  • Leather handbag, Hester van Eeghen, Netherlands, 2009

    Hester van Eeghen made this bag in celebration of her 20th anniversary as a designer. The ring on the bag functions both as jewellery and as a fastener.

  • Felt and leather bag, "Guardian Angel", Vlieger & Vandam, Netherlands, 2008

    The felt bag has a pistol print embossed into it. The designer duo Carolien Vlieger and Hein van Dam started their label in 2002 with the Guardian Angel collection of bags. Today, their bag line has been extended with smaller leather goods such as wallets and card and smartphone holders.  

  • Evening bag, "Nymph", Cora Jacobs, Philippines, 2009

    This evening bag is made from a shell and is adorned with crystals. The bags designed by  Cora Jacobs are known for their use of different natural materials from the Philippines, such as seashells, bamboo, jute, leather, raffia and beads. Through her bag designs, she promotes Philippines craftsmanship.

  • Cardboard bag with peacock feathers and deer, Bouwjaar '63, Netherlands, 2007

    This bag was designed by Bouwjaar '63 in celebration of the opening of the Museum of Bags and Purses in 2007 in Amsterdam. The designers Lia Kroon and Janna Middendorp, both born in 1963, were inspired by the peacock feather bags from the museum’s collection.

  • Winter Tartan Drapy, "Yasmine", Vivienne Westwood, England, 2009

    Vivienne Westwood incorporates traditional elements into her designs in an unique and innovative manner. In her clothing and accessories, she combines old techniques, decorations and materials with a modern twist. The chequered material of this bag was inspired by traditional Scottish tartan.

  • Leather clutch, "Canasta", Laurence Dumenil, France, 2008

    Jacques Fath was one of the most influential French designers of post-war haute couture until his death in 1954. In the 1990s, new life was breathed into his company with perfume, and later with bags designed by Laurence Dumenil.

  • Bag made of leather and textile, Bylin, Netherlands, 2009

    This bag, in the shape of a tulip, was designed by Linde van de Poel. She designs and produces handbags in small series. Bylin’s bags are Fair Trade bags and are made according to traditional methods.

  • Leather evening bag, Ursula Schneider, Germany, 2004

    For her label Jaguara, the German leather artist Ursula Schneider makes handmade leather unica bags. She kneads the leather into artistic and natural forms such as flowers and seashells. She then moulds the shapes into a bag.

  • Leather handbag, Steven Harkin, England, 2007

    Steven Harkin’s love for leather and craftsmanship is paramount. His bags are of exceptional quality, finished in detail in accordance with English craftsmanship and with contemporary design.


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